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7 Attractive Pizza Boxes to Preserve the Freshness of Pizzas

Pizza boxes are compact, stylish, and easy to carry due to their distinctive styles. Most of these packages come in a rectangular shape. Businesses often manufacture them in foldable lid style. Some brands also use fascinating custom sleeves on them. You will find many of them printed with fascinating colors and artworks. It is possible due to digital, offset, and other modern printing technologies available for these boxes. Brands can use spot UV, gloss, foiling, and many other finishing techniques. They mostly come in a flat ready to assemble sheets. They may also have a hole or window for ventilation to keep the item fresh.  

Pizza boxes are the essential need of every pizza brand. These boxes have specific designs for special food products. They help keep the product fresh in many ways. But it requires a clever mindset in the designing process. Want to know the best types of these packages that can help preserve their freshness? Here are the top seven pizza packages that can help you keep food items fresh for a long time. 

Window packaging

Nothing can beat the significance of window custom pizza boxes to keep the food item fresh. You must be wondering how it can help in keeping it fresh. Well, it is applicable when the product is going to be delivered near the restaurant. This window has proper sealing with a vinyl sheet. But this sheet has tiny holes on the sides. As a result, this thing keeps packaging ventilated. Due to this thing, the product inside these packages keeps its warmness as well as freshness. 

Dual encasement box

A double encasement box is quite fascinating to keep the food products safe for a long time. This packaging is just like other ones but has an extra layer of cardboard, corrugated, or Kraft stock. Extra layers provide more resistance to keep the temperature maintained. Due to this thing, the warmness of food items is kept inside the box. Some businesses also use space between layers as insulation to provide additional temperature resistance. The cool temperature outside the box cannot affect the warmness of a product inside for a long time. It is pretty fascinating packaging that helps keep the product safe. 

Sleeve packages

Custom printed pizza boxes with custom sleeves may not be popular but effective for keeping the freshness of pizza. This packaging solution stands out due to its impressive feature. Sleeve packaging has an extra layer that provides more protection against environmental factors. Businesses can make them with different trays. As a result, multiple items can be placed without any problem. Sleeve act as an insulating layer to keep the item warm inside. 

Ventilated packages

Ventilated box is a pretty special packaging solution that keeps the eatable product fresh. This packaging may have special shapes and styles. The distinctive thing about them is the ventilation in these packages. Some perforations in them help in ventilation. Some brands also use holes in them that are helpful for ventilation. When fresh air is mixed with the warm air inside, it keeps the item fresh for some time. 

Hexagonal packaging

Hexagonal custom boxes for pizza are quite impressive when it comes to keeping the product fresh. This shape is beneficial as it allows perforations and holes on all sides of these packages. Due to this ventilation and suitable shape, the flow of air is controlled. This thing help in keeping the eatable product warm and fresh without any dampness inside. 

Triangular boxes

Triangular packaging is pretty fascinating for protecting the eatable product against environmental impacts. This triangular shape is suitable for pizza slices. Corrugated and cardboard stocks are best for this purpose. It is a pretty special packaging solution for the triangular slice of this product. A rectangular box is not suitable for a slice as it has more space. 

Eco-friendly packaging 

Eco-friendly cardboard boxes for pizza are pretty impressive for keeping the product safe from dampness. When businesses use cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated stocks without any vinyl lamination, it helps reduce humidity inside the box. Pores in these materials let excessive moisture go out from the box. That is helpful to keep the eatable product fresh for a long time. 

Pizza boxes are not less than a bliss for many restaurants. They are not only beneficial for product safety but also keep them fresh for a specific period. Different packaging solutions are suitable in this matter. These were some of those packages that help in keeping the product fresh.