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How To Use the Holidays To Handle Business Changes Caused by COVID-19

The holiday season is typically the time when people come together to celebrate and enjoy time with one another before the year comes to a close. However, normalcy was uprooted when the novel coronavirus appeared and spread in 2020. Since many people were not able to see friends and loved ones during those tumultuous times, the holiday season has now become even more treasured. For business owners, the disruptions caused by COVID-19 may have led to some serious changes to your brand. If you want to mail company Christmas cards this season, consider how to them to your advantage.

Holiday cards offer business owners the chance to touch base with clients and employees, providing comfort and appreciation to those who matter most. Review these ideas and learn how to craft your holiday message.

Start With Gratitude

Christmas is a time to give back to those who have given so much to you. For business owners, this means showing gratitude to the ones responsible for your success. It stands to reason the pandemic took a toll on your operations in some capacity. Whether you had to rely on loans to cover your expenses through lockdown or you had to pay a small fortune to meet new health restrictions, clients and members of your team are the ones who helped you make ends meet. Your card should begin by addressing this exact point.

Expressing appreciation through your card will help those you care about feel connected to your business. Solely focusing on your company and its goals for the coming year without acknowledging your audience is a mistake you should definitely avoid.

Find a Way To Give Back

If you’re one of the fortunate individuals who did not see a major impact to business during the pandemic, you may find that giving back to those in need is a wise choice. The beauty of ordering your company Christmas cards through Cards for Causes is that you are able to donate a portion of your sale to a charity you care about. Not only does the spirit of giving tend to make a person feel warm and cozy inside, the act can also allow you to get in the good graces of your community. 

Mention a Few Important Details

The end of the year is always a nice time to try and see a few extra sales to round out the budget. If you send your cards out early enough, be sure to casually mention any sales or promotions you have planned. Be sparse with these details, as you don’t want the card to feel like an advertisement. However, planting seeds of intrigue can make your clients check out your website or social media accounts for more details on your deals. This can also be applied to any plans you have in store for the new year.

Though it goes without saying that COVID-19 caused some unprecedented upsets to global society as a whole, now is a great time to find some solid ground. By using company Christmas cards as a way of correcting course, you can both restore your business and express your appreciation to clients and employees. Look through the designs offered at Cards for Causes to find a perfect fit for your brand this holiday season.