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What is Digital Signage System? What does it do?

Technology and the world are changing; new ideas and products come out with a fresh perspective every day. Today we will deliver you some information about Digital Signs.

The digital signage system and digital signage screens are the most economical promotion and information method, as the newest, most effective, and forward-looking.

What is Digital Signage System? What does it do?

Digital Signage is a new generation of broadcast, advertisement, announcement, and information systems used in almost every field and sector. This system, adapted for institutions, organizations, and all sectors operating in every area, serves to transfer and broadcast rich media contents to each digital screen where the internet exists, over a network system linked to a single manager locally and remotely.

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Images, videos, news, scrolling text, RSS feeds, PowerPoint presentations, pdf documents, weather conditions, road information, traffic conditions, foreign currency and money information, flight information, flight information can be displayed on screens of all sizes and resolutions in different regions that can be managed from a single center or multiple branches. It is a communication system that enables the transmission of information, flash animations, internet pages, video animations, and similar content within minutes or even seconds.

To broadcast the above contents on the screens, the Digital Signage System needs software. This software undertakes the task of sending and publishing content and manages the screens at many points. This software is also called Digital Signage Software. Digital Signage Software is easy to use the software. For example, you can dominate thousands of screens broadcasting in different locations with a single move depending on the organization. In addition, while sending broadcasts with Digital Signage Software, you can remotely manage your screens, turn them on and off, schedule broadcasts, and even if your screens are working well, from your seat very quickly.

Why is Digital Signage Necessary?

With the Digital Signage system, publishing your content to your target audiences is faster, more effective, and most importantly, more economical than conventional methods. In addition, since the contents are interactive, the messages conveyed to the masses are more meaningful, and the effect is memorable for a longer time.

Every day, many new companies, businesses, institutions, and organizations meet the power and impact of the Digital Signage system. These companies and organizations use the digital Signage system for very different purposes. Digital Signage has become a frequently used method in navigation, personnel information, communication, advertising, entertainment, and many more applications. The most common usage areas of Digital Signage are listed below;

  • Institutions and Organizations /Internal communication, corporate messaging, announcements from management to personnel.
  • Advertising / To improve the shopping experience and increase customers by encouraging potential customers.
  • Direction Finding / Guiding people trying to find their way around shopping malls, parking lots, and large buildings.
  • To take advantage of this time for the business by means of promotion and advertisement when visitors and customers are waiting in entertainment/entertainment venues.
  • Public information/ To transmit news headlines, weather, time, date, exchange rates.
  • Menu information – Digital menu boards with menu prices, product information, and nutrition facts