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What’s An Anti-Rug-Rapid Test?

An anti-Rug-Rapid Test can be defined as a test one conducts to ascertain the legitimacy of a crypto token and identify real tokens from scams.

Cryptocurrency has opened windows of opportunities for all sorts of traders. Many small traders make decent money by just trading on smaller coins as they learn along the way. They get in very early, ride on the hype to the top, and then cash out. While many projects have clear and legitimate goals and objectives, a significant number of them scam projects. This is what you will mostly come across online as people share how they lost their money to scam tokens. Most of these losses are caused by real scams in the form of Rugpulls or Honeypots.

Rugpull launch a new coin, attach a liquidity pool to it and wait for people to start buying coins. Once enough people have bought the coin, the scammers will pull the liquidity pool, run off with the money and leave you with a worthless coin. Honeypots, on the other hand, are where scammers insert only a piece of code into the contract which allows only their own wallets to withdraw from the coin. People start buying as soon as the coin is launched. You see the hype as the coin pumps up rapidly and you think wow, I should jump in as well. You can’t see any red candles on the chart. You stay for a little while until you think it’s now time for me to cash out, only to realize that you can’t, because the contract only allows specific wallets to get out. Scammers withdraw at any time, and you lose all your investments. This is the most difficult scam to detect.

So how can you protect yourself?

You protect yourself with an Anti-Rug -Rapid test like Mantis. This is a project that scans Binance Smart Chain contracts to detect scams, Rugpulls, and Honeypots. Mantis Token is a BEP-20 token with simple features: reflection and auto-liquidity.

Mantis detects Rugpulls and Honeypots whose main goal is to steal your money. Mantis will automatically scan, analyze and rate contracts that are deployed in the BSC network. With its beta version being released this weekend, Mantis will catch the most notorious and invisible Rugpulls and Honeypots roaming the BSC Network, and ensure you put your money only on legit projects.


Well, this is the ambition of MANTIS: To create a platform to automatically scan, analyze and rate contracts that are deployed in the BSC network.

This project will be fund raised with a presale on DxSale, featuring Mantis Token, a BEP-20 token with two loved features: Reflection & Auto-Liquidity.

Key Features:

 : Engaged Developer
 : Community Driven Project
 : High Potential Token


1B Total supply
5% for Marketing and Development
5% for the Team (Locked 3 months)

1% of each txn amount is redistributed to holders
7% of each txn amount is locked into the liquidity

Visit our website & telegram for more informations:

 Telegram: @MantisToken