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10 Dazzling Packaging Design Trends For Halloween 2021

A prominent increase in the sales of cosmetic products, candies, edibles, and clothes can be seen at an event like Halloween. People love to buy all of these items on this occasion. In this regard, every brand tries to find presentation options that can increase their sales.

Custom packaging is a perfect solution to do that. Its printing capabilities and flexible properties allow brands to design them in numerous styles, shapes, and designs. The custom nature of these boxes increases the productivity of any brand that utilizes them uniquely on special occasions. Some spooky ideas to design these packages are in the following section.

Coffin creeps:

Getting your packaging designed with creepy coffins can get the instant attention of customers. A coffin is a way of serious dead presentations of products. In this design, you will get a coffin-shaped box covered with a top lid. You can bind the box with a thread or a ribbon to place gift products or treats inside them. You can also utilize this design for your takeaway boxes. Get this amazing design printed with dark colors to make the design scarier.

Pumpkin face

Pumpkin face designs:

Jack-o-Neil pumpkin is a famous character from the Halloween theme. People utilize the pumpkin as an entry for their houses and bulb hangings. You can get your box customized with this funky design. Take a round-shaped box and print it with yellow and orange colors from both inside and outside.

Cut it from the front and add die-cut windows in the shapes of eyes and mouth. You can utilize this cool-looking design to display your cosmetic products near Halloween. You can even add velvet lamination to the surface of the box to make it more appealing and enticing.

Burger king style:

Every year Burger King comes with an exciting packaging theme for Halloween. You can take inspiration from their boxes and design your packages according to them. For instance, last year, they printed their burger packaging with illustrations of white clothing and spooky eyes to make the box a scary mummy.

You can also utilize the same approach by designing your packages with Mummy design but with more attractive yet spooky dark colors. Instead of just putting the eyes on, you can also print a tongue coming out from the box, which will make the box more terrifying.

Choc-ula candy packaging:

Choc-ula’s design is inspired by Dracula. It is one of the most common and famous packaging designs for treats and candies. Due to the customizable nature of custom packaging, you can get it designed into Dracula design very easily.

You can take a chocolate box for this purpose and add a red ribbon on top of it. Afterward, you can cover it with black cloth and give the cloth a shape of a suit just like Dracula’s. You can utilize the box to present chocolates by printing custom inserts on the outer side of the box.

Miniature creatures

Miniature creature:

Miniature creatures are cartoon characters that are cute yet in a spooky way. Designing their images on the surface of your cosmetic or food boxes can make the packages terrifying. If you are selling different products of the same category, you can utilize different creatures for different boxes.

For instance, if you are selling candies of different flavors, you can print a box of every flavor with the image of a small creature. Currently, Hershey is the brand that is doing that and displaying amazing funky boxes on occasions like Halloween.

Witchy broomsticks:

Cardboard and Kraft are very flexible packaging materials. Molding them into different directions and designs is very easy. Halloween presentation is nothing with adding a witch with a broomstick. The broomstick is famous for taking the witch over the clouds. Design your custom box in the shape of a broomstick to inspire kids to get your candy packaging. It is easy to design, and you can also enhance with spooky threads and embellishments.

Zombie box:

When it comes to scary things on Halloween, zombies always remain in the queue. They are famous for numerous movies, TV series, and cartoons. You can get your cosmetic or food box customized in the shapes of zombies to amaze your target audience.

For that, you can make use of images, characters, inserts, add-ons, printing technologies, and textures. Choose an engaging yet scary color scheme for your boxes and inspire target customers to get your products.

Creepy portraits:

Paper boxes come with extraordinary printing capabilities that brands can utilize to print images on their surfaces. When it comes to printing the box with images on Halloween, you will have huge options.

You can utilize digital printing to print the images of insects, witches, dragons, skeletons, pumpkins, Dracula, werewolf, and many more. Make sure to increase the resolution of the image to its maximum value to showcase the living appearance of spooky characters through your packages.

Haunted house cakes

Frankenstein design: 

Everybody knows that Frankenstein is a lab-manufactured monster that was in many movies and cartoon series back in the day. Still, this character comes in the consideration list whenever someone thinks about having costumes for Halloween. You can take inspiration from its creepy face and design your treat boxes with it.

Make the theme of your packaging with green color and design teeth of the character with yellow colors. You can also add tags of silver colors on the sides of the box as ears of Frankenstein. This amazing-looking design will surely haunt your customers and grab their interest in your packaging.

Haunted house cakes:

Bakery items like cakes, pastries, donuts, and candies become very popular on Halloween. People utilize them as a treat for their children and neighbors. In this regard, bakery manufacturers can design their packaging solutions with haunted options.

For instance, they can utilize digital printing to make trees and moon of dark colors with bats hanging on the trees. You can utilize this idea for your dark forest chocolate cake. Similarly, you can find different haunted ideas for the boxes of other flavors that you are selling.

Due to the customizable nature of custom paper packaging, it is easy to apply all of the above-mentioned ideas to it. It can make your product categories interesting and attractive by providing them spooky and scary displays.

These ideas will help businesses to get the attention of customers to their displays of products. With a little help of creativity and the right customization options, you can easily make your boxes a hot selling item this Halloween.