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4 Amazing Tips For Choosing The Right Shoe For Your Little One

Shopping for children can be stressful especially if it’s shoe shopping. You have to choose the right material, the right size, the right fit, etc to make the little feet comfortable. Too tight shoes will cause blisters and too loose will make the walk difficult. Here are a few tips that can help you find the right shoes for your little one and avoid stress.

1. Get The Feet Measured

The first step for buying shoes for your little one is getting their feet measured properly. You want a perfect size that is neither too tight nor too loose for your kid. In addition, as one foot is bigger than the other one, getting the feet measured will give you the advantage of finding the right shoes for your kid.

Have the salesperson measure the feet. In fact, you should get your child’s feet measured every time you go to buy a new pair of shoes as the kids quickly outgrow the size.

2. Watch For Toe Crunching

When your kid is trying out various shoes, always ask them and check if there’s enough room between the edge of the shoe and the edge of your children’s toe. There should be a gap of approximately half an inch where the toes can move freely and are not bent.

If the toes are touching the edge of the shoe then go for a larger size to avoid toe crunching later. It can lead to foot problems in the long run. Also, go for comfortable and durable shoes such as FSW Shoes grosby slippers, to keep your child’s feet breathable and super comfortable.

3. Consider Shoe Shopping In the Afternoon

No matter how odd it sounds, you should consider going shoe shopping for your child in the afternoon. The reason is, our feet swell over the course of the day which can lead to buying a larger size than required for your little one.

Going in the evening helps you to find the appropriate size for your child. In addition, ask them to wear socks if they are planning to buy sneakers. Not wearing socks at the time of shopping can lead to buying a smaller size that can become tight after you wear socks later.

4. Go For Breathable Materials To Avoid Foot Problems

Kids are innocent and lack the experience of getting themselves the right thing. They usually get attracted by fancy shoes which are often not that comfortable. Being a parent it’s your moral duty to guide them into buying what’s best for them and their feet. Always go for breathable materials such as canvas and leather to keep a child’s foot cooler and dryer. Such material will help prevent blisters, discomfort, and smelly shoes. In addition, always ask them to walk in the shoes they pick and don’t rush the decision. Take 2-3 rounds of the shop to know whether the shoe is comfortable for walking or not and then decide.