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AppWork Freelance Platform Overview Article

It’s no secret there are hundreds of ways to make money online. Many of these ways allow you to earn more and faster than visiting full-time work. 

However, it is worth noting that many users fear trusting such methods. That is not surprising because many money-making online websites have been created for fraud or personal data stealing. There are also cases where strict requirements are imposed, and work is paid pennies.

But don’t get upset too early – I hasten to assure you that not all earning platforms are that bad. Conscientious employers may not be as thriving as their competitors, who give people generous rewards. So, we advise you to spend more time looking for and considering options.

Today I would like to make this task easier by writing a review on the AppWork freelance platform.

How It Works

The AppWork platform is based on the support of mobile application developers that publish their products on the Google PlayMarket. The fact is that publishing an application requires certain actions and time, which developers cherish. That is where the idea of outsourcing publishing came from.

AppWork serves as a guarantee of the complete procedure success. The developer, aka the customer, fully pays for his application publishing. The worker receives rewards for completing the task, and the platform gets money from the commission contributions.

How to Get Started

First, you need to go through the registration stage on the official website of AppWork. To do this will not be difficult: enter your phone number and receive a text message with the code.

Things to Consider During the Registration

Registering on the platform is quick and straightforward, but it comes to the moment when a new user may begin to doubt. The point is that every new worker must create a Google developer account. The developer account registration fee is $25. But you shouldn’t bother too much about that. AppWork will reimburse the entire $25 fee amount spent by the user on registration after completing his first job. That is how AppWork gets rid of lazy and passive workers. 

Working on the Orders

After the worker’s developer account is confirmed, he can start working. AppWork provides detailed instructions on how to perform tasks. So anyone can start to work – no third-party software is needed; the main thing is to be able to read. One job can take 1-3 hours to complete, and the reward varies from $4 to $8.

After the customer’s application has been submitted to Google, the developer must wait for the PlayMarket moderation team to approve it. After the submitted application is approved, the task can be considered complete. Information about the published application is delivered to the customer, and then the worker receives the funds stored in the AppWork hold.

Benefits of Working with AppWork

Another great advantage is the additional passive income offered by AppWork. Each day, as long as the program is published on the Google PlayMarket, there will be a $0.14 accrual.

Regarding the money withdrawals, the AppWork platform makes an instant transfer of funds. Moreover, the referral program is offered by AppWork. Workers can share their referral links and receive an additional reward for this. There’s a record for every person who’s joined via the referral link.

The AppWork website also provides information about quick and helpful support.


AppWork provides an equal opportunity for newcomers to earn their first money on the Internet without the risk of fraud.

To ensure the service is genuine, I suggest you read the user feedback. The official website of AppWork provides honest reviews of workers, as well as links to review articles from third-party sources:

Thank you for your attention!