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Best Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

If you are reading this, chances are you are aware of what WordPress is. If you fall in the small percentage of the population that has escaped this term, let me clarify. Like every other rapidly expanding market, the internet was constantly shaping itself into a simpler, easier to manage version of itself. Day by day, update on update, new remarcable discovery after another led us to the creation of WordPress. Long gone are the days of HTML and CSS, the gods of visual design and web maintenance have blessed us with WordPress. No more spaghetti code and tangled messes of lines. The design is visual, as it should be. 

Now that we have grasped the meaning of WordPress, let’s try to summarize what a plug-in is. Let’s draw a parallel between us, as beings, and WordPress. Crazy, I know, but hear me out. Imagine that the webpage is our body. The way anybody looks is thanks to their genetic material – WordPress. Our DNA is something like our parents using WordPress with a very limited amount of visual commands. Although, very limited in a visual sense, what we have an abundance of is plug-ins. The manners that our loved ones and close ones taught us, willingly or unwillingly, are our little human plug-ins. Carrying on with the metaphor, the functionality and “manners” of your webpage depend on your plug-ins, so choose what you teach your children. 

Do you dream of your webpage being safe and healthy? If it was your child, would you risk it ?

WP Maintenance

Meet WP Maintenance, the world-renowned expert in WordPress maintenance.What is WP Maintenance, you may ask ? Well, WP Maintenance is a plug-in that offers to save you time and money, a lot of really nice themes and, probably the reason why it’s No. 1 on the list, great SEO from the moment you plug it in.


UnderConstructionPage is a plug-in that is similar to WP Maintenance, but some functionalities are what sets them apart. What can UnderConstructionPage offer your business ? Well, it’s a pretty “noob-friendly” environment. If you have had limited experience or have no experience whatsoever in the field of web design, this is the plug-in for you.

Beginner friendly drag & drop builder, 3.7 million premium images, 320 templates are just some of the tools you have at your disposal.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Not a lot of things differentiate between Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode and UnderConstructionPage. Both are great for beginners, just with their volume alone, not to mention the really easy going flow of the plug-ins. Both are quite nicely developed, some people would even dare to say that they are “easy on the eyes”. UnderConstructionPage edges it out by a fraction in my opinion, the numbers don’t lie. UnderConstructionPages  3.7 million premium images compared to 2 million Coming Soon WPs premium images and 320 templates compared to 170 templates.

In conclusion, creating and maintaining a webpage isn’t as easy as people set it out to be. But we have helpers. Sure, you can take it as a challenge and try to create a stunning web page from code alone, not even using WordPress, but that is like playing on “Extreme Mode”. Design isn’t meant  to be hard, it’s meant to be fun and rewarding. All I am saying is, using these plug-ins gives you a moment to catch your breath, and who knows, maybe you will smell the roses as well.