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Find Your Funniness

The definition of “funny” is to provide fun; cause fun or laughter; funny; funny. There you go! Boing! That was fun. It was, believe me. Different people find different things funny. It could be what you say, the way you say something, what you see, what someone else said they saw, if someone says “what if I …” and then it ends with a story that would make you laugh so hard you clink in your pants, or someone tells an embarrassing story. These are all fun, and that’s not all.

Another thing that is a real hit of the knee is playing pranks on people. For example, my dad ordered chicken over spaghetti the other day, and while he was in the bathroom, when the waiter brought his food to the table, my cousin took the chicken and hid it. When my dad came back to the table, he kept rummaging through the spaghetti because he couldn’t find the chicken. We finally told him, but it was fun. Actually, dumb is a better word.

Sarcasm can be a lot of fun. Unless it gets used too much and makes the person look like a tool funny dad jokes , because they think they are so cool with their sarcasm and they do it every two seconds! Hey, that rhymed. I am a poet and I don’t know. It depends on what kind of jokes you want to make, because you can’t be funny with tense people. An example of sarcasm would be a person saying something like “Did you just finish exercising?” two people sweating and in sports attire, and the other people saying “No, we just woke up from a relaxing nap.” That’s sarcastic, because, of course, they just started working out.

Making fun of people is very funny. However, you have to be careful, because you may offend some people. Think about who is around you, what these people like or believe in, and how seriously they believe in it before you decide to make fun of something. You and I know it will be fun anyway, but hey, you have to do the right thing. Teasing is not always rude. You could make fun of something nice that a person did, because you think it was cute. Everything is relative.

I just decided that I will use my humor in all my articles. Don’t get too excited and pass out. I promote fun in my spare time. Laughing is my favorite activity. I’ll even laugh at myself!