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How to Order Your Custom Boxes

When it comes to business, packaging plays a very vital role. Great packaging will help to get your products to their targeted customer easily while also conveying the right message about your company. The packaging should also be durable and customized to your specifications. This way, you will be able to maximize your returns on investment (ROI) for your marketing efforts.

Standard Stock Packaging

By choosing customized boxes for your products, you can customize your packaging for each product type. For instance, if you only want standard stock packaging, then you can limit your customization to the type of product and leave off the design. For customized mailing and shipping packs, you will need to provide your customers with the mailing address and contact number. This will ensure that they are aware of your mailing schedule and can plan their vacation accordingly.


You can save money on packaging costs by ordering your custom boxes from a reputable manufacturer. These manufacturers typically have access to specialized equipment, which allows them to make boxes that are not only durable and strong but also imprint your company’s logo or name on them. This will make your packages stand out, especially when sending them out to overseas clients.


USA-based manufacturers of custom boxes will take into account your budget and provide you with the best products at affordable prices. By ordering them from them, you can reduce your branding costs even more and give your branding some extra oomph. Many times, this is all that is needed in order to increase customer satisfaction. You can easily increase your ROI by customizing your packaging solutions. For instance, with your customized boxes, you can fit them to your particular needs and package them accordingly. For instance, for light and thin items, you might want to use cardboard packing to reduce the weight and keep them light, while for larger and heavier items you can use corrugated cartons or boxes.

Custom Packaging Solutions

You don’t need to be an expert designer in order to use custom packaging solutions. If you have no design skills whatsoever, you can still get your message across about your brand effectively. All you need to do is to know exactly how you want your box to look like. For instance, if you are sending out press releases regularly, you can have your printing company incorporate the logo of your company directly into the box. If you are looking to promote your product in a way that’s both cost-effective and attractive, you can use custom boxes. Make sure that you know exactly what kind of box will help your product do well in the market.

Customize your Packaging

A reputable custom box manufacturer in the USA such as arka offers custom packaging solutions at extremely reasonable rates. If you have no prior experience in this field, it might help to hire one of the experienced arka office staff members to customize your packaging. You can also talk to arka office staff about which specific materials you should use and how you can go about using these materials effectively. Custom mailing boxes are often given to customers free of charge, so it’s important to make sure that your custom boxes bear a message for which you’re paid. The larger the message, the more useful the mailing box will be.

Creating Mailing

To increase your chances of success, it might help to choose the right kind of custom boxes. For instance, packaging with transparent plastic or polystyrene is generally advised as it makes the item difficult to detect as it’s impossible to tell whether or not a package is made from a hard or soft material. Polystyrene or PET packaging also helps keep the temperature of the product low and increases its durability. If you’re thinking about creating mailing or shipping labels from scratch, you should know that arka brand boxes come pre-printed with almost all the basic shapes and sizes so there’s really no need to make your own design. Even if you do want to make your own design, most custom boxes are rectangular in shape and a little larger than standard-sized boxes so you’ll need a few extra pieces of equipment such as a die cutting machine, an automatic paper cutter, or a fax machine.


You may also order your custom boxes directly from arka through the Internet. Online design tools will allow you to upload your file and specify the size, color, and type of box you require. Most online design tools offer a detailed description of the box types and the benefits associated with each one. This will give you an idea as to what kind of box is best suited for your parcel. After all, you don’t want to send a costly and high-quality item through a cheap and low-quality box.