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Is There A Correlation Between, Physical And Financial Health?

When it comes to changing your lifestyle, a focus on well-being (emotional or physical) and a desire for better finances/money management are the best.   Taking care of yourself financially is the same as taking care of yourself physically.Most people have an intuitive understanding of how to improve their physical health. There are many ways to do this.

What is your financial health? Do you feel proud and standing tall? Or are you struggling to breathe with a steep hill to climb? Studies have repeatedly shown that financial health and physical wellbeing go hand in hand. We thought it was worth digging a little deeper.

 1.  Connection between Financial And Physical Health 

Understanding financial well-being is the key to financial success. While it is an individual destination, most people share the same goals. Financial health is not about the bottom line. It’s about financial security and financial freedom that allows you to make the right financial decisions now and in the future.

It’s clear that financial health is closely linked to physical well-being. A study done by big banks in the USA showed that 81% found it easier to reach other goals if their finances were in order. However, 70% of respondents said that financial health has a positive effect on their physical health.

High levels of financial stress can manifest sleep loss, high blood pressure, anxiety/migraines and compromised immune systems. It is a vicious circle where one problem leads to another, which in turn causes more problems. High levels of financial stress lead to poor overall health and a four times greater likelihood to suffer from ailments.  

 2. Improve Your Physical And Mental Health  

It is common to believe that you don’t have to worry about your mental well-being if you don’t have a mental disorder. Remember that being healthy does not mean you are free from illness or stress. Wellness is the conscious effort to live a happy and fulfilled life. Both mental and physical health are interrelated in many important ways. They should be treated as skills that must be learned and practiced in a balanced manner.

These five steps will help you achieve mental and physical health, as well as more balance in your life.

1. Exercise  

Finding the right exercise is key. This could be done by joining a sports team, walking with a friend, taking a dog for a walk, or practicing yoga in your own home. It has been proven that physical activity can help improve self-worth and reduce anxiety.

2. Sleep  

Poor sleeping habits were once believed to be a sign of mental disorders. However, recent research shows that poor sleep can lead to mental health problems. A healthy bedtime routine can help you feel calmer, happier, and more focused throughout the day.

3. Nutrition  

Reduce sugary foods and substitute them with nutritious foods such as fish, vegetables, and foods rich in healthy fats like avocados. This has been proven to decrease depression symptoms in adults.

5. Relaxation and recreation  

It can be easy to lose sight of the hobbies or make time to read a book in our busy lives. You will be happier and more able to handle difficult emotions if you make time for it.

 3. Improve Your Financial Health 

You might find it helpful to take a few steps towards improving your financial health. Financial health can mean different things to different people. However, it is generally a state where you can meet your monthly financial obligations and reach your financial goals.

Below are some strategies which you can implement to be in more control of your finances:

Energy Choice: Do a price comparison shopping and take a look at your natural gas and electric bills at least once a year.

This information is easy to find, beginning with the information on Ohio’s electric bills. Ohio’s First Energy offers Apples-to-Apples comparisons in an easy to read format with links to switch providers.

Energy Choice lets customers compare prices and choose an energy supplier. Customers have more options and pricing plans to choose from. To find the best deal, you can compare Ohio energy prices.

Automate Savings: It’s easy to put one of the best financial health-boosters at least something each month-on autopilot. It is as simple as setting up an automatic transfer each month from your checking account to your savings account. Ultimately, you won’t have the opportunity to spend it if it is set to occur right after your paycheck clears. 

On-Time Bill Payments: Paying your bills on time is a great way to improve your financial health. By paying on time, you can save money and avoid interest and late fees.

Good financial habits are just as important as good physical health. Implementation of these habits/strategies can help you feel more in charge of your finances and get you closer to your financial goals.