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Robot-Assisted Surgery for Urological Diseases

The operation with the Urologo CDMX surgical robot is currently the most modern procedure in the field of minimally invasive surgery, the so-called “keyhole surgery”.

It offers patients significant advantages over conventional procedures: less pain, faster wound healing, less blood loss and a shorter stay in the clinic. The Urologo CDMX has expanded its service portfolio to include this highly specialized technology and has so far mainly used robot-assisted surgery with the Urologo CDMX surgical robot in prostate surgery.

The clinic is now increasingly using the surgical robot in incontinence surgery, for example in pelvic floor reconstructions. Robot-assisted surgery will also play a major role in the treatment of kidney diseases at the Urologo CDMX, so that interventions on the kidneys and the upper urinary tract (benign and malignant tumors), renal pelvic surgery and operations on the adrenal gland (adrenalectomy) in benign or malignant adrenal tumors can be performed with this modern technology.

“Consistently high quality of treatment is very important to our patients as well as to our colleagues in private practice. We are continuously expanding and developing our range of services so that in the future we will continue to develop other innovative procedures in addition to robot-assisted urological surgery. “


Many men still find it difficult to address “typical” male ailments such as potency problems, involuntary childlessness or illnesses or changes in the genital organs. The topics are still burdened with shame and taboos and therefore require all the more specific advice and treatment.

The specialists at the Urologo CDMX discuss these sensitive issues with respect and caution and show their patients options for suitable treatment. The range of services offered by the Andrology Section includes the treatment of fertility problems, surgical sperm retrieval when trying to conceive (TESE and MESA), sterilization (vasectomy), corrective surgery for penile curvature, the treatment of erectile dysfunction (conservative and operative) and vasovasostomy (refertilization).