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The Best Frames to Wear with Your Face and Skin Tone

Your new glasses serve so much more than just a practical purpose. Of course, they improve your vision, but they also serve as a stylish way to display your taste and personality. In Mission Viejo, California, at the Mission Viejo Optometric Center, Dr. Tanya Lau and her staff want to help you see well and be comfortable wearing your new glasses. How to pick the best tortoiseshell glasses frames for your face and skin tone is shown here.


When selecting new frames, the shape of your face has the opposite effect on the skin tone. For greater balance, consider more angular frames if your face is round, for instance. Round frames just serve to emphasize the roundness of a face.

The same applies to angular and oval facial forms. If your face is oval, adding oval frames won’t balance your features as effectively as more geometric shapes. To choose eyewear that flatters your facial shape, go by these rules:

Ovral Look 

for frames that are as wide as one or wider than the widest region of your face because your facial proportions are balanced. To prevent your glasses from disrupting your natural symmetry, stay away from frames that are too thin or deep.

Round face

Your face has curved lines and no angles, and it is roughly the same width and length. Choose angular frames or frames that are a little broader than they are deep to give the impression that your face is longer and slimmer. Avoid thin, rimless, rounded frames that emphasize how round your face is.

Diamond face

Your cheekbones are high and dramatic, and your forehead and jawline are thinner. With rimless or cat-eye frame styles, you may highlight your eyes and accentuate your cheekbones. Additionally, search for eyeglasses with a more defined browline or more details. Keep your frames wide and boxy so they don’t overwhelm your delicate features.

Square face

You have a square jawline and a broad forehead with almost equal width and length. Narrow frames will lengthen your face and soften your angles. Select thin ovals or glasses that are wider than they are deep to add balance. Avoid boxy, angular frames that could give your face a big appearance.

Heart-shaped face

Your face is shaped like a heart, with a wider top and middle and a narrower chin. Choose frames that are broader or heavier at the bottom to give your lower face a more balanced appearance. Thin or rimless frames are also suitable options. Avoid eyeglasses with a thicker browline or ornate temples that emphasize your forehead more.

You can select glasses that are the ideal complement to your features by considering your skin tone and face shape. The color of your eyes and hair also matters, but they should come second, particularly if you constantly change your hair color.

Your lifestyle and personality should also be reflected in your glasses. To have options, like more formal frames for business or special occasions, and a fun everyday pair to express your creative side, it’s a fantastic idea to choose more than one pair of eyeglasses.

We want you to enjoy your new glasses, so we’re here to help you choose everything from the color of the frame to the comfort of the lenses. Additionally, putting them on in person can help you discover the perfect pair. Give Mission Viejo Optometric Center a call right away.