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Top 10 custom product boxes types that enhance your sales in the market:

Every product needs packaging that can protect it, and it can get delivered to the customers in one piece. But packaging does not only get used for security purposes but it also gets used to increase the product value. Every company has a variety of packaging cases that have different sizes, shapes, domains, and dimensions. Every firm has an unusual type of theme and unique logo that makes its brand known to the public. But now the question is, how can we make our packaging distinctive? What type of packaging casa can we use to get the attention of customers? We are going to discuss ten types of product boxes that you can use for a distinctive appearance.

 1) Four corner packaging cases:

 These cases mostly get used in bakeries to pack the confectionaries like cake, donuts, chocolates, etc. These cases are most suitable for these types of products because the topping and icing of the items do not get ruined. And we all know that if the icing gets disturbed, then no one would buy it.

 2) Two-piece packaging cases:

 These cases consist of a lid and a container. They mostly get used in the packaging of jewelry or the packaging of gifts. These product boxes are made luxurious, and they attract customers as soon as they walk into the store. They are also climate-friendly and look professional-looking.

3) Sleeve packaging cases:

 These cases are also known as sliding boxes and slipcases. The sleeve packaging acts as an extra case or vessel for closed packaging boxes. The packaging sleeves are like a box without the closing creases. There are limitless options in which they can get designed and get used to store and protect every nature of the products.

 They can also get used to packing gifts and other items such as watches, bracelets, earrings, lockets, etc.

 4) Gable packaging cases:

 This packaging box gets used for many things. From the packaging of your presents to the packaging of food, it gets used for almost everything. These custom product boxes are the most flexible and keep the product safe. You do not need extra packaging when you use the gable boxes.

 5) Customized packaging cases:

 There are many ways that you can customize your packaging cases. But do not forget about the logo and slogan while branding your packaging boxes. You can customize your case with metalized foils. Use gold and silver foils for a rich appearance and attract customers. 

If you want to deliver a package in attractive and reliable packaging, then silver foiled and gold foil cases are the best solution. Metalized packaging boxes keep your product safe from contamination and outer harm.

6) Gift packaging cases:

These product packaging cases especially get used to wrapping the present to increase the value of your gift. Imagine you buy a present worth a hundred dollars. Now, would you wrap it up in a paper sheet? If you do, your present looks like you had bought it in a sale. That is how much packaging is essential for products. That’s why you need to use gift packaging cases.

 7) Handle packaging cases:

You can imagine from their name that they have a handle to carry products. They are the most efficient and handy. Customers and shopkeepers do not have any problems while handling the merchandise. If you have handle cases, then you do not have to worry about extra packaging, because they secure the goods and keep them from any harm.

Handle cases are not just any simple and boring cardboard box. It showcases your product in an appealing manner. When you add a holder to your custom boxes, it not only makes your merchandise easy to manage and provide also a professional look to your packaging.

 8) Dispenser packaging cases:

These boxes are of a rectangle shape, and they are a type of countertop display case that gets used to showcase the newly arrived items. They get designed for small items such as chapsticks, lipsticks, tissue papers, etc.

These product boxes wholesale are eco-friendly and attract the customers and lure them in purchasing the stuff. They are proving to be efficient for shopkeepers because the product can get accessed without any effort.

9) Printed and cheap product boxes online:

These packaging cases get calligrapher by various methods. With the use of advanced and modernized technology, many packages get printed in a little time. The easiest and commonly used technique is called digital printing. You can get the boxes from the online community. Here are the methods that get used according to the nature of the product. In this, a digital image gets used that you can acquire from the internet.

Screen printing. 

In this method, a mesh gets used to transfer the ink to the area that needs to get printed.


It also is known as rotogravure. In this technique, the image gets engraved onto the image bearer.

Engraving and embossing.

These techniques give your packaging cases a 3-dimensional appearance. In engraving, the area gets deflated, and in embossing, the selected region gets inflated and is customized accordingly.

10) Straight tuck end packaging cases:

These types of boxes contain a tuck end at both sides of package closure. They get used commonly, and they keep the product safe and secure. These cases have flaps that are the principal feature of. They get made according to the product size. In this way, the product does not move around. This means the package firmly holds onto the merchandise that gets placed inside it. You can find different cases that are suitable for your product just search product boxes near me and many websites will pop up. Choose the one you are looking for.