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Top 10 Important Coating on Kraft Boxes

Custom packaging, also called custom kraft boxes, is a rising trend in the packaging industry. This blog post will focus on this trend and why it is so important to businesses of all sizes.

First, I want to talk about the benefits that custom coating on kraft boxes provides for emerging businesses. Custom kraft packaging is really cool. You can get your own custom-coated boxes today!

Custom packaging boxes are a rising trend in the packaging industry. If you are looking for custom kraft boxes, then look here. The first thing I want to tell you is about coatings on kraft boxes. A coating can be good if the box is black or brown. Coatings are better than colors because they protect the box from dirt and water that can ruin it if it goes on it.

Top 10 Important Coatings on Custom Kraft Boxes


– Gloss coating is one of the most popular coatings for kraft boxes. If you really want to make your custom-coated box look appealing, then choose a glossy coating for it. Gloss coatings give the appearance of a high-end finish and will fulfill what you are looking for in terms of exterior design on your packaging boxes.

Gloss Coat:

If you have something that is worth displaying from within the package itself, such as jewelry or other items where presentation matters significantly, gloss coating can be used because it provides great visibility without any problems with glare due to lighting conditions.

Matte Coating:

Another popular choice that has gained significant popularity among manufacturers these days is a matte coating on kraft paper boxes. Matte color finishes offer considerable advantages over their glass counterparts.


It is one of the most popular coating methods for kraft boxes. It is a coating. It is used to protect the printing from damage due to humidity and abrasion during shipping operations.

Matte coatings have been popular for a long time because they are good at not being shiny when you look at them in the light. Matte coatings also cost less than gloss or UV protection films, so they are a good option for packaging.

Polyethylene Coating:

It’s not just about adding cheap materials on kraft boxes in order to make them look glossy, but rather, manufacturers these days prefer using a polyethylene coating because it helps give your custom printed box package.

Hot stamping:

Itis a metallic coating method used on the surface of your custom packaging box to enhance aesthetics and provide an attractive look.

Using custom-designed kraft paper bags has become very popular in today’s market as it stands out from all other kinds of materials that are normally used as package elements like plastic, cardboard, etc.

It adds more value to your brand as well as makes your product stand apart from others that use conventional kinds of packaging methods such as cardboard or, plastics metals which make them look inferior compared to yours if we talk about their appearance.

Flocking / Embossing / Debossing

These coatings are really cool, and there is no other way to get them than custom kraft boxes. It will be a perfect match, and it’ll help you stand out from the crowd! You can also get your custom kraft boxes today, so why wait? Custom packaging box company has low prices.

Matte coating

Matte coating is a unique and beautiful coating that is becoming very popular in the market. It gives your products a completely new look and makes them stand out from others that do not have a matte coating on their custom kraft boxes. Also, it helps to protect your product against any damage or scratches, which was an issue for companies before this technology came into existence!

Satin coating:

A satin coating is the best option if you want to create an elegant and luxurious look for your custom packaging boxes. This satin finish on the kraft box creates a smooth texture that enhances the appeal of your products.


Foiling is a process of coating the box with an adhering metallic foil to add shine and glamour.

Top reasons why custom kraft boxes are a great choice:

  • They provide the perfect amount of strength and flexibility for your products, no matter how bulky they may be.
  • These recycled packaging boxes blend seamlessly into any decor as well as present an environmentally friendly image to customers.
  • Customized with logos on both sides, these box inserts can help build brand loyalty while adding value to products at the same time.
  • Easy assembly is another major benefit that you will enjoy when you opt for customized kraft paper boxes made by our experienced team. The end result? High-quality custom packaging that’s eco-friendly too! If there is one takeaway here, it should be this – all of us.

Why do we need a coating on our kraft boxes?

This coating is essential because it keeps the boxes from absorbing humidity and moisture. The kraft paper has lots of holes in it, which means that liquids and other stuff can go through it. The paper will be ruined if you don’t protect it.

This coating can be made with either synthetic resins or natural mineral oil. Some coatings are better for the Earth, but all of them are biodegradable. So this is not important when you make your choice between these two types of coatings. There are many benefits to using custom packaging for products such as promotional items, handouts, etc. possible to stand out.

The new coating on kraft boxes is more environmentally friendly.

The coating of kraft boxes is good, but the moisture resistance is not as good. The coating on kraft boxes with synthetic resins might be better for the Earth. It’s possible to find these coatings in many different colors.

This is one of the most common types of paper used for custom box packaging; however, it doesn’t offer much protection from moisture or chemicals like water or oil-based liquids. It can also tear easily when wet making a mess that could ruin your product inside even if it’s waterproofed.

It’s often favored by customers because they’re more environmentally friendly than some other options, such as corrugated cardboard. A few reasons why you should use custom printed kraft boxes are that they are better for the environment, they are cheaper, and customers like them.


Understanding how to use the right coatings on your custom kraft boxes will make a big difference in what they look like and how long they last. Get the best custom kraft boxes from stampa Prints for online packaging service.

There are many different types of coatings, but we’ve put together ten that you should know about to help guide you as you select which ones work best for your packaging needs.