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Violin Buying Guide From The Best Violin Shop Singapore

Ah, the magical violin! While most people think this instrument is pretty delicate, it is also one of the most beautiful orchestral instruments and a hallmark of classical music. The violin has made a place for itself in almost every genre of music. And this is not recently. Violins have been pretty famous in the music industry for many centuries. 

Rita Yeo, the owner of Stradivari Strings, says that there are multiple price ranges for the violins. Thus, it can be pretty tricky to shop for the perfect one. This is where the assistance of the best violin shop Singapore comes into play. 

Today, I will discuss some questions that students face whenever they visit a violin shop to purchase their first violin. 

Should You Rent Or Buy A Violin?

If you want a violin for sale, you may be tempted to rent an instrument. This is due to your student’s commitment issues. But I prefer purchasing one due to the following reasons: 

  • Long-term rental fees can add up quickly. A perfectly playable entry-level violin can be purchased for less than the cost of a rental instrument.
  • A good beginner’s instrument that is well cared for will hold its value. It usually returns a substantial part of its purchase price when sold or traded for a better quality instrument.
  • Higher-quality violins may increase in value over time. Their voices “open up” as they age.
  • Rental instruments may be a bit worse for wear with nicks, scratches, tape marks on the fingerboard, and come with used strings and an already rosined bow. You’re also liable for any damage to a rented violin.

Construction Of A Violin

Every violin for sale is made out of the same things. Four strings stretched over a petite body, a tailpiece and chinrest at one end, and a neck and pegbox at the other. Most violins do not offer any design variations. However, suppose you ask a professional or someone who has been taking violin lessons Singapore for quite some time now. In that case, they could tell the difference between two pieces of violins. 

The key factors which determine the violin’s playability and tone are as follows:

  • Quality of its tonewoods.
  • Skills with which it is constructed. 

Now, What Is A Tonewood?

Tonewood is the type and quality of the wood used to build a violin. This is the most important factor whenever you visit a violin shop Singapore

Rita Yeo says various violins use the same types of tonewoods. However, the quality of the wood varies. This, in turn, results in price differences between instruments. 

The top of the violin is where the soundboard is. This is a place where the amplification of the sound produced occurs. This happens with the help of resonating strings. Spruce is the most common type of tonewood for a violin for sale. This wood has been used for centuries due to its stiff and dense nature. Spruce is pretty tough, which allows the violin to maintain its shape even after carving it out. Due to the higher density, there is a better resonance when compared with other types of woods. 

The quality of spruce is a significant part that determines the price of the violin. 

The finest spruce will have a beautiful flame-like figure. Finely crafted violins typically employ book-matched pieces of spruce beautifully for the top meticulously joined to create an attractive pattern. 

The quality of the violin’s finish also reflects its price. Finely crafted violins are finished with thin coats of varnish and polished between coats. This brings out the beauty of the wood’s underlying grain patterns. 

How To Choose The Right Violin For Your Violin Lessons?

Rita Yeo categorizes violin for sale into three parts. These are mainly:

  • Student Violins

 A student violin for sale will be made from lower-quality woods. These involve much less handwork in the carving, assembly, and finishing. They typically have plastic parts such as tuning pegs and chinrests. These instruments are well suited for someone interested in learning but unsure if they will play for very long.

  • Intermediate Violins

This is the filling gap between a student and a professional instrument. Unfortunately, some violin shop Singapore and brands omit this category. However, it is a helpful category for musicians who know they need something better than a beginner instrument but aren’t ready to invest huge sums of money in a professional violin. Students who are advancing with their skills are typical intermediate violin buyers.

  • Professional Violins

 Professional violins will be constructed from cold-grown and slow-dried wood, hand-built, and assembled by a master luthier. These are usually finished with high-quality components. The excellent materials and refined artistic skill that go into these instruments drive up their value. This makes them appropriate instruments for professional and aspiring, advanced musicians. 

Why Should You Purchase Your Instrument From A Violin Shop Singapore?

Many buying guides and violin shop Singapore will tell you to buy a violin online, but do not believe them. Since you are investing a considerable sum of money for your violin for sale, you need to spend hours in stores, testing instrument after instrument to find the perfect fit for your violin lessons. This is unnecessary for all players, be it a beginner, intermediate, or professional. 

  1. Good Price

When you visit a violin shop Singapore, the salespeople will make sure to give you the best product at the best price! A good violin shop would beat any verified price online and even provide you with a few accessories to help you with your violin lessons Singapore. 

  1. Good Fit

 You can shop around independently, read reviews, gather recommendations, and make an informed choice when you think about visiting a violin shop Singapore. Moreover, when you visit a violin shop, you get to play it and find the right fit for your needs. Thus, you get a clear idea of the instrument’s actual playability, projection, tone, and setup. 
So, we have come to the end of our blog, and we assume that you now have a clear idea of how to purchase your first violin for sale. If you are still unsure which violin you should choose for your violin lessons Singapore, visit Stradivari Strings..