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What are the Significant OJS Server Requirements?

An open journal system is an immensely significant tool to manage scientific content in a better way. However, there is no superior way to advance internationally than properly organizing information. Therefore no matter how valuable a collection of information is, if it is not going to be organized, its value will eventually get lost. Hence it is important to discover the OJS Server Requirements.

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For such purposes, journal management systems play a significant role in technology development. However, their prominence also depends on the fact that their contents are strictly analyzed to have knowledgeable and good quality content published.

In this sense, the management of this type of knowledge is thanks to the existence of open sources to manage the information.

What is an open journal system?

An open-source system allows you to review, manage, and organize all the essential scientific content for various publications. Therefore everything is controlled by an editor that has servers located in order to manage the contents. Moreover, it also has a system that helps train the people to get a step-by-step assembly guide to their journals in an extremely professional way.

It is also imperative if you take into consideration all the guidelines issued. All these procedures follow a specific order to consider a scientific journal from 0 publication to its ISSN.

How is OJS important?

Since OJS is presently the most popular journal submission, publishing, and review management platform, it has immense significance. One of the necessary reasons for such popularity is that this platform offers several essential features for the journal managers and users, such as google scholar features, repositories in PKP PN, Crossref, export-import, and Web archives.

The OJS usage is very profitable since investment on this platform is comparatively cheap since it creates an in-house platform or even uses other platforms. Besides this, you get support from other providers such as Crossref, Google Scholar, Scopus / Elvesier, and so on.

But unfortunately, it is not easier to handle a lot of clients at one time. Moreover, OJS is not essentially compatible with all the available OJS hosting that are planned for multi-purpose hosting. For instance, sometimes OJS hosting companies do not provide the accurate PHP version or unsupported PHP package applications.

Hosting OJS gives you and your editorial board complete control so that you can switch between several policies that are suitable for your institution. It includes different aspects such as peer reviews, copyrights, visibility, etc. Navicosoft delivers you with a three levels plan for hosting OJS, so you are able to select the one that is able to fit according to your needs. Our plans are structured to achieve everything necessary according to the needs of your hosting journals.

Navicosoft provides OJS hosting that consists of a properly optimized security setup. In addition to this, our servers automatically update daily backups so that it is placed on the Google servers. If you get hosting OJS from Navicosoft, you can support it from a very professional team that is available to serve you 24/7.

Here are some OJS Server Requirements that are essential and suitable for your OJS:

Minimum Server OJS Server Requirements: 

  1. Operating System: Either Windows or Linux Based
  2. Minimum HD Space: 500MB
  3. RAM: 500MB
  4. Curl installed and available
  5. Apache > 2.46 version
  6. Mysql 4.1 / MariaDB 10 / PostgreSQL 8.0
  7. PHP 7.2 with PHP package :
  • php-mbstring
  • php-xml 
  • php-curl
  • Php-pgsql (optional for Postgre DB)
  • PHP-MySQL (use MySQL as OJS database connection)

Recommended OJS Server Requirements: 

  1. Operating System: Either Windows or Linux Based
  2. RAM: 1 GB
  3. HD Space: 2 GB (you can expand as the journal develops)
  4. Apache 2 with existing module
  • mod_http2 
  • mod_deflate
  • mod_rewrite
  • mod_ssl
  • mod_gzip 
  1. Mysql 5.7 / MariaDB 10 / PostgreSQL 8.0 with UTF8 Unicode support
  2. Curl installed and available
  3. PHP 7.3 with PHP package :
  • php-xml
  • php-curl
  • php-json
  • php-gettext
  • php-mbstring
  • Php-pgsql (optional for Postgre db)
  • php-mysql (use mysqli as OJS database connection)
  1. Tar/Zip command permitted (for installing the plugin)

 Using Nginx may upsurge the performance for OJS, but it also involves complex configuration. Here are some of the acclaimed features that will be very helpful in everyday OJS usage: 

  1. Email notification integrated with OJS installation 
  2. Orcid Integration to OJS
  3. Google Recaptcha
  4. DOI registration with DOI provider vendor

Get your OJS Hosting from Navicosoft Today!

Make Navicosoft your true digital partner for hosting your OJS platform. We have a custom OJS development team that will help you develop your portal using complete access for online submission and managing all your publications. Moreover, the sites are developed based on the modern version 3. x.x OJS version, which includes future updates capability that enables you to always stay on the mainstream technology.

Navicosoft provides you with complete comprehensive features such as:

  • Powerful Server: A standard server with an SSL to keep your contents safe.
  • Dedicated Index: International Indexing of articles that ensure the visibility of contents.
  • Email and Comments: Notify the authors via email and commenting choices for the readers.
  • Scheduling: Editors can plan the publishing of appropriate journals for an even later time.
  • Backups: Online and server backups that allow backups on a daily and weekly basis, respectively.
  • Personalization: Editors can have convenient access to the customize checks as well as the evaluation procedures etc.