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Which hosting is best for WordPress: Linux or Windows?

Are you wondering which one, Linux or Windows hosting, would be best for the WordPress site? Whether you are a beginner who is about to start a blog or looking to migrate from one server to another, choosing the right web hosting should never be ignored.

Before defining which web hosting is best for WordPress, let us clarify a misconception concerning web hosting. Many people are not sure if it is suitable to have a Windows OS on the desktop or if they need to have cheap Linux hosting. The answer is that the similar OS on your desktop does not impact hosting, even if it is different. Therefore, it is one of the prevalent misconceptions among beginners that it is needed for the same Operating System on your desktop since you have it for your web hosting.

Why do you need Windows hosting?

It is important to comprehend the conditions for picking a web hosting. After confirming your budget, the first requirement is that you need to consider it as your priority for the hosting requirements. Suppose you are eager to rely on ASP, .NET, MS SQL servers for the effectiveness of your website. You should definitely pick Windows hosting since all your requirements can be met using Windows hosting. As you won’t get these features on cheap Linux hosting, it is the only key reason to choose Windows hosting. Nonetheless, you can also opt for cheap Linux web hosting, which has some amazing convincing aspects. 

Why choose Cheap Linux hosting?

Understanding the web hosting requirements is the main aspect of picking the right hosting. Therefore let us discover why you need to choose Linux hosting. If you are looking for an appropriate hosting best for a WordPress blog, here is a list of the things you will need:

  • MySQL
  • WordPress
  • PHP, etc.

When considering affordability, cheap Linux hosting is much more reasonable in comparison with Windows. For example, if taking into consideration shared hosting, Windows is 30% more exclusive than Linux. Whereas, if you are looking for Windows Dedicated Server Hosting, you will have to pay $10 to $100 each month or even more than that in comparison with cheap Linux hosting.

 Can Windows Hosting become a nightmare for WordPress?

If you are searching for a website hosting best for WordPress sites and are considering moving your site either to Windows or Linux, you need to think twice. If you are migrating your WordPress website to Linux, then it is a suitable decision. Whereas migrating your site to Windows can put you in a difficult time by showing you errors. Here is an obvious idea of what you might be receiving yourself into. It might not be the case with every user, but there is a high possibility. Moreover, you need to choose a good web hosting provider to evade such a situation. Things might look fine after moving from a Linux server to a Windows server, but you will have to face difficulty while browsing other pages of your blog.

You can get services from a good web hosting company. Navicosoft is perfect for all types of site solutions. It can help you to cover a journey to a better future. Furthermore, make sure it has an international presence with some unmatched business approach all over the world.

Final words

Cheap Linux web hosting is best for WordPress sites. You can judge it from numerous aspects, starting with the cost to security. You need to be aware of your hosting requirements. It will definitely support you in getting to a better option. Furthermore, you need to discover the vital insights concerning the best web hosting providers before you choose a web host by simply reading the reviews.

Hence you can select a cheap Linux web hosting solution that is safe and secure. You can simply get the best and cheap Linux hosting packages with numerous features from Navicosoft. We provide you best services at economical rates. We have 24/7 support to assist you anytime.