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Is It Easy to Get a Work Permit in Sweden? Find Out Everything

Leaving your home town in search of some work has never been an easy task. You have to live away from your loved ones to earn and make your future safer. But sometimes you might have to face a lot of hurdles in finding a suitable job for yourself. When you cannot manage to find a job despite all the struggle it feels that everything has ended in this world. The only situation left is to travel to some other place searching for work.

Sometimes traveling to another city can be rewarding for you, however, some people have to move to another country to get suitable work for themselves. Sweden is one of those countries which comes to almost everyone’s mind upon thinking about moving to some other country for work. There are vast working opportunities that you can avail yourself after getting a work permit in Sweden.

But it is not a simple thing to get a work permit there. You have to meet the conditions of getting it set by the government. Before knowing what is actually required to get a work permit in Sweden, you cannot decide whether the process is easy or not. Following are some basic steps of getting a work permit there.

Having a Valid Passport

The first necessary thing that is required to enter into some other country is a passport. Passport acts as your identity in any other country. It also shows the rights given by the government to travel to a specific country. You can also say that it reflects the relations between two countries as well.

So you must have a valid passport by which you can enter into Sweden and then the next work will be done by a work permit. However, it never means that you can apply for a work permit after getting into Sweden, you have to get it before doing so.

Must Have an Employment Offer

Sweden’s Government does not issue work permits to anyone who is still looking for a job. So you must have a job offer from a registered company present there. Make sure that you are going to start your job in an authentic company. You must have the employment letter to get a work permit or at least the offer of employment to complete the process.

There are certain terms regarding work offers as well. The employer must have advertised the same job in the EU or EEA for at least 10 days. This is due to the reason that Sweden is included in the European Union and according to the terms of the EU, the first right must be given to the EU citizens. Moreover, your job must meet all the terms and conditions of Sweden as per set for related industry.

Applying and Further Process

The first thing you have to do after getting a work offer is to apply for a work permit. You can do so either by visiting a Sweden embassy or by an online system. After applying you have to ask your employer to release an application to the Swedish migration agency regarding hiring and initiating a new employee. You will receive an email after that to start the procedure that must be done by you.

You have to submit all your original documents and these will be tested to check their originality. The most basic and necessary documents include your passport, employment offer from a company, and a statement from a trade union. Your part of the work is almost done after that and the only thing left for you is to wait. The duration of this wait depends upon various factors including the nature of the job and company you have selected and your method of applying. In most cases, it usually ranges between 1 to three months.


Above is the basic process of getting a work permit. However, you won’t need it if you entered as an asylum seeker to get protection in Sweden. The process is neither very easy nor very difficult. It is intermediate level and quite easy if you have the proper knowledge.