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The Top 7 Symptoms of a Rodent Infestation

Rodents are animals that are considered pests, and rodent groups contain many different species. Rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons are among them.

These rodents are dangerous to human health and the properties in your home, and they can steal food.

In this post, we will go through the seven most typical indicators of a rat infestation; if any of them are detected in your house, you should plan for rodent control treatment.

Most Common Rodent Infestation Symptoms

  1. Rodent Demise

It is one of the simplest methods to determine if your house has a rodent infestation since mice and rats consume more and make more droppings.

If rats and mice are accessible, you can locate more rat droppings if you can distinguish between rat and mouse droppings. Rat droppings are typically 12 to 34 inches long, whereas mouse droppings are 14 inches long.

  1. Marks for Chewing

Check your whole home for gnaw marks, since mice and rats will chew on everything they find. They may even eat through metal wires and are the cause of many short circuits.

  1. Animal Behavior

If you have pets in your home, such as dogs or cats, they may detect the presence of rodents and even trap them. If your pet exhibits unusual behaviour, you should be aware that you have an uninvited visitor in your home.

  1. Sound

Rodents are active at night and like making noises; if you can’t hear the sound clearly, lock all the doors, turn off the TV, and turn off the fan.

  1. Nests

    Did you know that both mice and rats can make nests? Yes, mice do make nests out of shredded materials in your attic, cellar, garage, or any other safe area they can discover. They can even make nests in heated areas, like as near water heaters.
  2. Grease Markings

Because of their oily hair, rodents such as mice and rats produce grease traces. These grease markings will stay if they rub in any part of your home.

  1. Holes

Everyone knows that rats and mice enjoy chewing and digging holes in various parts of your home. If you discovered any holes in your home, particularly in the kitchen or basement, your home is plagued with rodents.


The presence of rodents might be hazardous to your and your family’s health. They may spread germs in your home, and their bites can potentially cause a variety of ailments. If you have been bitten by a rat or mouse, you should seek medical attention as once to avoid infection.

There are various do-it-yourself cures for rodent control, but they are only effective for a few days. If you want to get rid of rodents for good, you need to hire a Pest Removal London Service.

Professional exterminators are very skilled in all sorts of pest control techniques, and they can remove all rats and other pests from your house by catching them all.