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What Is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil? What Is the Best Way to Store CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a special oil made from hemp. It has no THC in it so it is not psychoactive. Psychoactive substances alter mental conditions and are often hallucinating. It is a natural substance and contains a lot of beneficial nutrients. 

The oil has fats but there are no active substances from the plant. This extract does not contain any water. It only contains nutrients. Several methods can be tried to derive the oil from the plant. This oil is taken by people in various ways. People either take it orally, smoke it or use it as their regular ointment.

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The shelf life of CBD oil always comes to question because of its easily damageable texture and chemistry. People use CBD Boxes to store it. The shelf life of CBD oil depends upon some important factors. 


CBD oil cannot be kept useful without effectively encasing it. The often-used ways of storing CBD oil is to put it inside blue or amber Custom Printed CBD Boxes. The bottles usually have droppers in them too for easy usage. 

The chemical structure of the oil is well maintained in these containers. They keep the light, heat, and air away which helps in keeping the oil safe.


Anything that has a good quality has a long life. The life of CBD oil also depends upon its quality and the quality of Custom CBD Boxes Wholesale. And the quality, in turn, is dependent upon the quality of the plant and the extraction methodology deployed. 

If healthy plants grown in nutrient-rich soil are used alongside modern extraction methods, the oil derived is of high quality instead of using mediocre plants or extractive techniques.


If CBD oil is exposed to air, light, and heat, the chemical structure is damaged. The oil has to be stockpiled at a place that is safe from these effects. That is why it should be put at a place that is cool and dark and has little light.  

To keep the oil in its original condition, some necessary storage ideas should be kept in mind. CBD Oil Packaging is the first step, and storing it effectively is the next. Both steps are crucial for keeping the oil in great condition.

Save it from Light 

According to a number of researches, light is the biggest factor in damaging CBD oil. It changes its chemical composition and makes it unfit for use. Here, both lights, sunlight or artificial, damage the oil. It might be tempting to put the containers at a place where there is direct sunlight or artificial light is beaming. But it should never be done. 

Modern Custom CBD Boxes USA are strong and can filter the light that strikes them. But light is still strong enough to damage the freshness. It is also advised to refrigerate the containers since it will keep the heat at bay.

Heat exposure 

For keeping CBD oil fresh, it should be kept at a cool place. But the temperature should not be too low otherwise there are chances it would become solid. The best way to ensure an optimum temperature is to keep the CBD Oil Packaging Wholesale in a refrigerator and setting the temperature at a normal level. 

The refrigerator not only keeps the temperature low but the product is also saved from direct light having additional protection. Heated places such as kitchens, windows, and the like should always be avoided. 

Air exposure 

The shelf life of the oil is reduced drastically if it is exposed to air. Hence, all of the containers are always designed airtight. Oxidation is the process in which oxygen changes the chemical composition of a lot of substances. It also affects CBD oil.  

If the oil is exposed to air even for a short time, oxygen reduces its shelf life as well as quality. It is better to keep the oil in its original bottle. And after every use, the lid should be tightened properly. If the lid is not sealed, air enters the container and starts affecting the oil.